Journey Transport


The Journey Transport appliances are the basic hardware units of the Journey platform. They are available in two versions: the single-channel Transport1 and the four-channel Transport4.

Housed in a 1RU chassis and containing server-grade components, the Transports are not just purpose-built boxes. Instead, they literally download and run fresh code on every booking for unlimited adaptability.

The appliances serve variously as encoders, decoders, transmitters, receivers, and/or transponders on a per-booking basis, depending on the needs of the booking.


  • Zero capital expenditure required

  • Very low transport latency - as low as 200 ms in most cases

  • Integrated broadcast-quality encoders and decoders

  • Four bi-directional HD-SDI ports on the Transport4 allow any combination of simultaneous transmit and receive channels

  • Need more than four paths? Just add more appliances! All transmit channels remain in frame-accurate synchronization, even across appliances

  • First-mile friendly - Journey features excellent firewall traversal capabilities. No static IPs, inbound port forwarding, or extensive line qualification needed

  • Adapts to unpredictable network conditions without sacrificing image quality

  • Also works with external encoders and decoders to process MPEG transport streams for Journey transport

  • All traffic is encrypted with the next-generation Salsa20 cypher