Use Cases

Journey is so versatile, so reliable, and so simple to deploy, its applications are virtually unlimited. Here are just a few examples of where Journey shines:

Satellite Media Tours

With full connectivity to standard fiber connections and our own satellite teleport, Journey is perfect for not only traditional studio-based SMTs, but especially for SMTs from remote locations — anywhere with an internet connection.


Station groups are increasingly looking to centralcasting as a way to improve operational efficiency, and Journey is an ideal way to reduce transmission costs without sacrificing quality.

At-Home Production

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the at-home production model has transformed the video production industry. With its ultra-low latency, frame-accurate synchronization of multiple video channels, and suite of enhanced services, Journey was literally born for this.

Insert Studios

For live news hits and similar applications, the days of pricey studios, expensive fiber installations and inconvenient locations are over. With Journey, you can have an inexpensive insert studio in your own corporate offices. Or your spare bedroom. Or anywhere else you like.

Backup and Redundancy

Journey is a rock-solid backup and redundancy option for mission-critical fiber, satellite, MPLS, and other conventional broadcast transmission technologies.

Special Events

Journey can help solve your most challenging transmission problems for live events, one-offs, and other ad hoc applications where conventional transmission options are cost-prohibitive or logistically impossible.



Journey can be applied across a diverse range of vertical markets. Here are some of the most common industries where Journey is found:

  • Sports

  • Corporate

  • Entertainment

  • News

  • Health Care

  • Legal

  • Education

  • Municipal